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A/Prof Vinayak Dixit

A/Prof Vinayak Dixit is the Deputy Director of the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI), Director Travel Choice Simulation Laboratory (TRACSLab) at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Australia. In addition, he is an Academic Director at IAG, and founder of Datrum. His key research interest lies in studying risk in the transportation infrastructure system as it relates to automated vehicles, highway safety, travel time uncertainty, as well as natural and man-made disasters. His research has relied on using highly disaggregate data to infer individual preferences under risk and uncertainty, and its implication on systems. His work with individual level data has led him to deeply explore questions around data ethics, integrity and ownership.


His projects have been funded by the Australian Research Council, United States National Science Foundation, as well as transportation agencies across the world including Australia, U.S., Indonesia, India and U.A.E. He is currently leading a large grant with industry (insurers and OEMs) and government partners to study impact of interactions with other road users in an autonomous environment.

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