Founder & CEO


Rosaline Chow Koo

Frustrated by the lack of investment in technology to meet unaddressed client pain points, Rosaline invested all her savings of $5M and borrowed another $5M to build her start-up CXA. Within a year, her team built the platform, acquired Singapore's largest homegrown broker, won 20 Fortune 500 clients away from the global incumbents and was voted by HR as one of the best vendors.  Now CXA has received $11M in VC funding and are expanding to 10 countries across Asia.

Rosaline supervised Procter & Gamble factory lines in Iowa and then worked in 8 different roles over 8 years at Bankers Trust on Wall Street.  She launched two dot-com start-ups in Asia before moving to ACE Insurance. Rosaline also grew Mercer Marsh Benefits' 14 APAC countries 800% over 8 years.  Rosaline graduated from UCLA Cybernetics and Columbia Business School.

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