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 Galen Goh

Galen is the business development manager at PolicyPal. He works closely with the founding team to drive partnerships and distribution touch points. He is passionate to re-create the new way of how individuals and organisations buy and manage the insurance policies. Galen graduated with a Bachelor degree from University of Adelaide and previously worked in a global insurance company and spent some time in another tech startup before joining PolicyPal.PolicyPal is the first insurtech start-up to use “optical character recognition” (OCR) on insurance policies to scan, analyse and present a comprehensive overview of their coverage information to users within 30 seconds. This is achieved by cross-referencing an immense database of insurance premiums, coverage and jargons from 27 insurance companies in Singapore. PolicyPal maps insurance jargons to relevant fields, automating the extraction and population process so that users always have quick access to their insurance policies even under unforeseen circumstances.

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