Ticinum Aerospace

 Gianni Cristian lannelli

Gianni Cristian Iannelli is Co-Founder and CEO of Ticinum Aerospace (TA), a spinoff company of the University of Pavia, Italy. Ticinum Aerospace is specialized in analysis and processing of geospatial and Earth-Observation data for risk assessment, by means of machine learning techniques (Deep Learning, CNNs) applied to Big Data analysis of remotely sensed data.
Before starting TA, Gianni obtained a full-mark Master degree in Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D. in Remote Sensing at the University of Pavia. He then had important chances of further developing his skills; first in a Risk management company in England, under an Erasmus Traineeship scheme, and then in the high-rank PUC Rio University in Brazil, in the framework of an international project oriented to developing multi-risk assessment tools. In the meantime, he took part to several projects related with geospatial, risk-related data processing.

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