Latize is an upstart in the realm of business intelligence, data management and Big Data. In a world constantly bombarded and inundated by information, Latize is heralding the new age of harnessed and directed data. You might have a set of preconceived notions around how your company’s data can work for you. Whatever you had in mind, Latize is going to upend it, give it good shake, and set your data in front of you like you have never seen it before. What we do at Latize is encapsulated in three pillars: data capture, data transformation, and data utilisation. Latize captures data from both within your organisation, and from public sources such websites, social media networks, etc to give you a comprehensive view of the landscape. Experienced in data handling, we transform your data to present it in ways that not only help you understand it better, but also maximises the insights you can glean from it to reach your objectives.

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