Rewardz Private Limited is an HR Tech company that provides employee engagement and corporate wellness solutions to HR departments of medium to large organisations. Having received recognition as the ‘Best in Benefits Technology’ shortly after its inception in 2012, Rewardz offers a one stop employee engagement platform with its unparalleled web and mobile based products. The platforms help organisations drive desired behaviours at workplaces, and boost KPIs by simple gamification methods. We also ensure wellbeing and productivity of staff by organising fun and engaging corporate challenges, incentivising healthy activities, avail corporate benefits from third-party vendors, organise company events, and deliver customised push notifications for the organisation, and many more HR activities that were previously tedious to tackle - now made possible with the touch of a button!

Rewardz is here to bridge that gap and address this chronic recognition shortfall in the most efficient way possible - by bringing together the latest best practices in employee engagement and employee wellness with our mobile and web platforms. Our products aim to enable and encourage greater levels of involvement at workplace, by gamifying office activities & employing employee rewards, which help to keep staff motivated. We believe that a well-run company starts with healthy, happy and well-balanced workforce.

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