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Latize’s smart data platform delivers a segment of 1; a 1-on-1 offer for each customer - for campaigns, needs based selling and ongoing engagement.


We achieve this by transforming your data silos into an intelligent knowledge base that continuously learns and becomes more valuable over time. This results in a 360 view of a customer, enabling personalized up & cross sell initiatives with increasing conversion rates.

Ticinum Aerospace

Earth-Observation is now fully deploying in all of its forms, resulting into an exponential increase in the volume of data produced and stored. Ticinum Aerospace is putting its knowledge and experience at work on inventing new, smart combinations of these data.


It does so using the latest advancements in machine learning in order to reduce the costs of uncertainties for all who need precise and reliable geospatial information, and thus to better understand the continuously changing planet we live in.

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