Wellthy Therapeutics

Wellthy Therapeutics is a digital therapeutics insurtech company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance health literacy and facilitate behaviour change, to reverse and prevent diabetes in Asia, while helping life and health insurers to enable continual care, reduce risk and improve outcomes both short and long term for their policyholders.


Wellthy Therapeutics has commercialized a digital therapeutic for patients with type 2 diabetes, that is the first endorsed digital diabetes solution by Asia's largest Diabetes Association as a prescription grade intervention that can be prescribed by doctors to patients with type 2 diabetes. Our results beat the outcomes of entry level prescription oral diabetes drug. We are going live with South Asia's largest Randomized Control Trial for a digital diabetes intervention, later this year.


Wellthy is working with several health insurers, life insurers and re-insurers in Asia to reduce diabetes risk, and works with over 150 clinic and hospital systems in South Asia to improve their patient outcomes and diabetes reversal & prevention capabilities.


Wellthy Therapeutics has a proven record of clinical evidence. It recently published real world data at the RSSDI 44th Annual conference in Hyderabad, India, at the AACE 26th Annual Congress in Austin, TX, at the ADA 77th Scientific Sessions in San Diego, CA, and soon at the IDF Congress 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

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