Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

University of Bahrain

Dr. Sawsan Hilal

Dr. Sawsan Hilal is Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics, University of Bahrain. She holds a Ph.D. and M.Res. in statistics from Lancaster University (UK) and M.Sc. in mathematics from University of Bahrain. She also holds PCAP as a professional certificate awarded by York St John University (UK). Her research interest covers Extreme Value Theory, Financial Risk Management, Econometrics & Financial Time Series Analysis, Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Statistical Inference, and Statistical Applications. Dr. Sawsan is the coordinator of the M.Sc. in Big Data Science and Analytics. She had a wide range of academic activities including giving a series of learning workshops to the university students. Dr. Sawsan is VIWA 2018 Award Winner under the category of “Distinguished Woman in Science – Statistics” by Venus International Foundation, India.

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